Landmark Project Documents somewhere on Distributed Proofreading

This site is run on a not-for-profit basis by a number of individuals, detailed on the "Who Are We" page. However, beyond the core work that they perform, there is a greater need for willing people to assist in a variety of functions. The simple fact is, the more volunteers, the more content we can provide. Since most books are not in electronic text yet, the majority of our work (and therefore the greatest need for volunteers) involves the proofreading process.

  • Internet Connection
  • Popular Web Browser
  • Some (minimal) understanding of the English language
Does not require:
  • Any mandatory time commitment
  • Any age limit (though 14 would be the recommended minimum)

Job entails going on the Distributed Proofreaders website and proofreading individual book pages, to assist the progression of books through the site.

How to get started

  • Go to the signup page on Distributed Proofreaders and fill in all appropriate details.
  • Sign in, and on the main proofreading page, filter the projects by Project Manager. Locate "Wraezor" in the list, and apply the filter.
  • This will display all the current project available, that will make their way onto this site.

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