About The Landmark Project

Who Are We?

This site is developed and maintained primarily by two people, Wraezor and JadedTears who just so happen to have the same parents. Both share a love of technology and using that technology for useful purposes. Their jobs are split up pretty much as follows:

  • Database
  • XML Documents (and Conversion)
  • PHP
  • Layout Design
  • Styling
  • Graphics

Our Vision

In developing this site, we are looking to produce something that will not just get added to your bookmarks only to be lost in the endless list of sites which offer a nice but limited set of documents which have minimal value. On the contrary, we are seeking to develop a site which would be routinely visited for study, reference, education and many other purposes. With our dedication to embracing new technology and the constant focus on providing new and valuable content, we envision this site becoming a vast collection of valuable documents from our history, preserved for all time, accessible by everyone in the format most convenient for any use.

As indicated below in "What Sets Us Apart", we want to provide these documents in the formats which are most preferred and usable for everyone. We realize that everyone has different uses and purposes for the documents, therefore, we seek to provide those formats which will suit everyone's needs.

Even though we are seeking to constantly improve this website, we also realize that the web is not always the most condusive medium for study. For that reason, we are exploring the possibility of developing a desktop application for the study of these documents. While only in the conceptual phase, it is something that we will be working towards in the months and years to come.

To summarize, here are some plans for the future:

  • Endlessly pursue new content.
  • Provide new formats when the need arises.
  • Develop a desktop application to integrate these documents into your regular study materials.

Our commitment is that everything on and related to this site will remain free and accessible by everyone. It is our goal to distribute the knowledge contained in these books to as many people as possible, therefore we feel it is of more benefit to the cause of Christ to provide a slightly smaller (though still large) library for no charge, than to expand the library further, at costs that are prohibitive to the furthest dissemination of the knowledge.

What Sets Us Apart?

What separates this site, technologically, from so many of the other digital libraries on the Internet (Project Gutenberg, Fire & Ice, TrueCovenanter, etc.)? It is the dedication to providing the content in the most flexible and desirable formats sought after.

With all our books in a common XML format (named Theological Markup Language which was developed by CCEL), we are able to derive an endless number of popular rich formats for the content. Everything from plain ASCII text to indexed and linked PDF files can all be derived from the single source file. This frees us from having to painstakingly maintain multiple versions of a document to provide formats for different purposes and allows us to focus our efforts on increasing the content and functionality of the site.

This technology is very future-oriented, so if a new format arises which is in high demand, we will almost certainly be able to provide all of our documents in that format in a very quick timeframe, without any manual intervention. As we continue to develop the site, we will be regularly looking at what other formats may be of interest (for PDAs, etc) and integrate those into the site as well.

Many of the technologies espoused in this site are developed through our Sourceforge Project, The Online Web Library Site (TOWeLS), which develops virtually all of the code base, design, database, and XML handling functionality of this site.

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